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Monique Stephens
Children's Book Editor

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You know that children’s book
you’ve been thinking about forever?

Well, it’s been thinking about you, too.
It’s wondering when you’re finally going to write it.
(Or finish it. Or revise it. You know who you are!)

Don’t wait a second longer. Sign up for the KBW Children’s Book Writing Course today
and have a finished picture book manuscript in 4 weeks!

Write, complete, or perfect your children’s book in 4 weeks in an interactive online course taught by Monique Stephens, a professional children’s book editor and writer who has acquired, edited, and written children’s books for publishers including Scholastic, Penguin, Chronicle Books, and HarperCollins.

This class is for you if:

  • You have always wanted to write a children’s book but don’t know how to start—you may not even have an idea yet!
  • You have an idea for a children’s book but aren’t sure how to develop it into a story.
  • You have written a children’s story but have a sneaking suspicion it’s not that great yet.
  • You have written a story—and think you just may have something wonderful—but you know that you need to revise it and go deeper.
  • You simply need a bit of structure, community, and encouragement to start or finish—i.e., a kick in the pants!

In the KBW Children’s Book Writing Course you’ll learn how to:

  • Write strong, engaging characters.
  • Craft a compelling hook and plot.
  • Choose the best format for your story.
  • Answer that oh-so-critical question: To rhyme or not to rhyme?
  • Pitch your manuscript to agents and editors . . . plus key tips for you self-publishers out there!

The two course options include:

8 lessons with assignments: Delivered to your inbox each Monday and Wednesday for four weeks, and specially designed to give you a creative framework to write better children's stories. Option 1:
Children's Book Writing Course
(Without Phone Consultation)

8 valuable mini-lessons: Delivered every Tuesday and Thursday, these are valuable tips and insights about writing and the publishing business that augment the lessons, answer common questions, and support your efforts to get published.
Writing templates plus bonus supplements and materials that enhance each lesson.
Membership in the course's private Facebook group, an interactive community that enables you to get advice, feedback, and support from the instructor and the other writers in the course. Bonus: Participants can choose to remain in the Facebook group after the course ends. (Remember that writers group you keep meaning to join? Well, now you’ll have one.)
Email consultations with the editor: The ability to email me directly with questions!
Optional: 30-minute phone consultation with the editor during the course or within 2 weeks following the course. Option 2:
Children's Book Writing Course
+ Consultation

Ready to write your best children's book yet?
Reserve your place in the course today!

xoxo, Monique